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Ice cream cheesecake recipe

My favorite was sweet-far-the cheesecake now is my favorite ice cream

cheesecake ice cream

Can ice cream be my favorite dessert, but from kid, my favorite was sweet-cheesecake. I have tried many different recipes for cheesecake and one was actually better than the other. But I always thought to combine the cheesecake with ice cream, which is to build a "frozen" cheesecake. What is the result when we "marry" your favorite dessert (ice cream) with your favorite dessert (cheesecake)? Indescribable ...
After several trials, we arrived at the following recipe. Here is a recipe that we like to publish the first moment of creation of this blog! The recipe contains no eggs and do not need ice cream! The cream is not "petrified" by the freezing and does not need stirring.

* 1 pack of 225 gr petit beurre biscuits
* 200 gr vitam or butter or margarine
* 1 sachet garni GIOTIS
* 1 cup (about 220 ml) milk
* 200 ml cream (at least 30% fat)
* 3/4 ​​cup (about 150 gr) sugar
* 300 gr cream cheese type philadelpheia
* 2 tablespoons brandy
* 200 gr strawberry jam (or cherry)

1) Melt the vitam (either in a double boiler or in microwave) and pour into a round pan diameter 32 cm.
2) Take the biscuits and make crumbs. We can either rub the pestle or blender. In any case, should be rubbed off and become "dust".
3) Once cool vitam melted, add the crushed biscuits in the pan and mix thoroughly with your hands. Should broken biscuits to fully absorb the vitam and commonly to "soak". We try to make the base of the cheesecake as much as possible uniform and monoline (we can use a spoon, if it helps us).
4) Put the pan in the freezer to freeze and stabilize biskotenia base of the cheesecake. As long as there is the pan in the freezer will make the cream cheesecake.
5) In a large bowl pour the contents of the file GIOTIS garni and milk (220 ml).
6) and add half the sugar (75 gr) and beat with mixer on speed can be whipped up garni.
7) In a small bowl add the cream and sugar, the other half (the remaining 75 gr).
8) Beat the cream in the possible speed of mixer until fluffy the cream and make a very stiff whipped cream.
9) Pour the cream that you just made in large bowl with the cream garni and add the brandy.
10) and add the cream-cheese and mix well with mixer until you get a completely homogeneous mixture. The cream cheesecake is ready!
11) Remove the pan from the refrigerator and pour the cream over cheesecake from biskotenia basis. With the help of a spoon to coat and trying to spread the cream evenly.
12) Put the pan back in the freezer and leave for 2 hours to "tighten" the cream well.
13) Once the cream is stiff, remove the pan from the refrigerator and spread jam on top (if we dilute the jam with a little water).
14) Place (ultimately) the cheesecake in the freezer and let freeze for at least 7-8 hours.

This recipe makes ice cream cheesecake on a large baking pan diameter 32 cm, with a sufficiently thick layer of cream as you see in the picture below. The milk we use must be light and the cream must have at least 30% fat (to make firm whipped cream).
The cognac is useful in this recipe as it helps the cream to be a little softer during the freeze. If you want more "thick" biskotenia base, you can use more petit-beurre biscuits (with the corresponding amount of natural vitam).
Instead of cream-cheese you can use Philadelphia Cream "Pic Frisch Fitness" from Lidl. Tasty has the same effect as Philadelphia cream
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