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How to Make Delicious Homemade Easy Recipe

Here is way to make Delicious Homemade and easy and simple

Making homemade donuts is not as hard as it looks. The only real equipment that you need is a deep fryer... oh, and a bowl and spoon for mixing the ingredients.

There are two basic kinds of donuts; those that are leavened, or raised with yeast, and those that are leavened with baking powder or baking soda. There are differences in the two types, but both are delicious.

Yeast donuts tend to be light and fluffy. These are the classic donut shop donuts. They can be glazed with a variety of flavored glazes or dusted with sugar. The yeast donuts take a bit longer than cake types since they will need a rising time.

Cake donuts have a heavier, more compact texture. These are the type that you often buy in a box at the grocery store that are dusted with a thick layer of confectioner's sugar or dipped in chocolate. Cake donuts are a bit easier to make than the yeast donuts, especially if you have never worked with yeast before. They also need no rising time.
Fresh Donuts are a great way to begin the morning
Tips for Perfect Donuts

There are a few tricks and tips that will help you achieve the perfect donut:

* Cut the dough straight down, do not twist when cutting donuts.
* Make sure the oil is hot, 370 Degrees works best for me.
* Don't overload the fryer. Fry only three or four at a time.
* Flip the donuts as they rise to the top and are light golden on the underside, do not over-fry.
* Use the softest dough possible. Refrigerate to keep it workable.
* Use clean oil - peanut oil is best if you don't have allergies.
* Let finished donuts drain into the fryer for a few minutes before removing them to drain on absorbent paper.
* Donuts are best served immediately. They get stale very fast.
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