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Honey Codfish Recipe

Honey Codfish Recipe

Honey Codfish

Explanation and ingredients:
1.200 kg of desalted good codfish;
4 dl. of oil;
200 gr. of flour;
3 Taciti, of those of coffee, honey;
1 leaf of laurel;
250 cc. approximately, of water.

Like preparing it:
to put in a casserole with water fries the codfish and the hour of laurel, to fire very under so that it is warmed up little by little. when this almost cooked - at the moment that sees a white foam retire the codfish by far care, and extend it on a white cloth. to let thus cool one hour so that it takes consistency and to be able to cut it to strips. you pass these strips through flour and later by habreis grazes that preparation mixing part of the flour, part of the honey and the water of baking of the codfish. said it grazes must have a slight consistency. to fry the rebozados pieces of codfish since there are saying, in oil not excessively ardent, not to burn the honey. to be giving the return them until they are gilded. to serve immediately after removing them from the fire.
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