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Hamburger bread Vienna or Chips

Hamburger bread, Vienna or Chips

Explanation and ingredients:
droughts to the humid ones, until forming a bun. it places in a enharinada stock market of plastic and kneads, while it incorporates the oil. it kneads, within stock-market, until having a smooth, smooth bun, more or less about 20 min. then, it covers with stock-market and it lets more or less leudar in a warm place until it duplicates his size, 1 h. it greases the plates with butter. In order to arm Chips it takes portions from the mass and it forms canes of 3 cm. in length. In order to make Panchos it makes canes of 6 cm. in length. In order to make breads of Vienna it forms buns of about 8 cm of diameter and extends the ends. In order to make breads of hamburgers it stretches the mass, on a surface enharinada, until it has 2 cm of thickness, then cut circles with cortapastas. it to each other distributes breads in the plates, taking care of that are separated at least 3 cm. it lets weigh until they duplicate his size, took 1 h more or less., meanwhile it pledges the furnace to preheat it, to average temperature. once they have leudado, pincele the breads with 15 dangerous egg and hornee about 12 to min or until they esten gilded. it retires and it lets cool. it notices this
Like preparing it: unidades." renders approximately 50;
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