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Greek Christmas turkey recipe

Greek Christmas turkey

Greek Christmas turkey
For 6 - 8 persons:
Turkey or capon of 3.5 - 4 kilo
2/3 cups olive oil
150 grammes lams or rundsgehaktrundsgehakt rundsgehakt
10-12 tame chestnuts
2 onions
laurel booklet
1/4 cups white or rosé wine
2 eetlepels of ground pijnboompitten
1/2 cups cooked rijst
1 cup water
3 eetlepels of peeled tomato in pieces
salt and pepper
1. Cook, pel and chop the chestnuts
2. Snij the onions in complete fine bits
3. Clean the turkey/capon and remove the entrails
4. Sprinkle both within and outside the turkey with salt and pepper
5. The entrails careful and snij she was in small bits
6. Heat the furnace on 230° Celsius
7. fruit the onions in oil
8. Joint the entrails and the gehakt, continues stir to pale brown is
9. Joint pepper, salts, laurel booklet, tomatoes, wine and water. Rudder everything well for
10. Dek finished and late 20 à 25 minuutjes simmers, to almost all fluid has been absorbed
11. Rudder the pijnboompitten, rise there and chestnuts by and obtain of fire
12. Twinge the vulling in the turkey and ties up these
13. The turkey with olive oil
14. Place in braadslede and dek finished with silver paper
15. Reduce the furnace up to 175 degrees
16. The turkey leaves at least 3 hours in the furnace (or 3.5 dependent on the weight)
17. Each 45 up to 60 minutes cover you the turkey with the juice
18. Joint water if the juice is running out
19. Twenty minutes for end take away to foil so that the turkey can tan
20. Test with a food thermometer: the ideal temperature must be between thigh and body such a 90° celsius.

Paid attention: the construction time of a turkey amounts to such a three à four hours.
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