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Glutenvrij bread recipe

Glutenvrij bread

100 g soya flour
400 g rijstmeel
200 g buckwheat
200 g cornstarches
1 tlp salts
1 Elp dry leaven
1 tlp xanthaangom
900 ml water

Mix all dry ingredients. It is important that the xanthaangom are well mixed. Joint water and mixes everything with a wooden spoon. The paste of glutenvrij bread is more liquid than that of normal bread. Cover the paste with a wet screen and leaves rising at a warm place during 30 minus mix the paste once again.

The paste does oiled bakvorm in a good. The paste can fill the bakvorm but up to half. Once more rising leaves. It puts in a preheated furnace (200°C) when it has risen in the middle of of the paste to the altitude of the barge forms. Barge during 60 minus

The glutenvrij take bread from the bakvorm and let cool down.
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