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Giant shrimp tails with Safran - Risotto and green asparagus

Giant shrimp tails with Safran - Risotto and green asparagus

800 g Giant shrimps - tails (with bowl)
8 Garlic toe (n)
1 Zweig/e Rosmarin
Pepper, blacker (roughly husbands)
1 Bulb (n), red
150 ml Olive oil
500 g Asparagus, the Green
Salt and pepper, (black), Muskat and olive oil
250 g Rice, (for Risotto)
1 small Carrot (n)
½ Stange/n Allium
50 g Tuber celery
2 Schalotte (n)
1 Garlic toe (n)
1000 ml Gemüsebrühe, (hot)
200 ml Wine, knows, (e.g. Pinot Grigio)
80 g Butter
1 Laurel leaf
1 Kurdish worker's party. Safranfäden
Salt and pepper (black)

As the first the Marinade is prepared for the giant shrimp tails:
For this the olive oil into a dish give and with pressed garlic, to finely cut red bulb, salt, black pepper (rough husbands), and the roughly chopped, fresh herbs (Rosmarin, Basilikum and chives) peppered. Now the giant shrimp tails to marinieren and afterwards let approx. 1-2 hours pull through, so that these get a marvelous flavour.
(Hint: The Marinade is suitable also outstanding around the shrimps on the grill to prepare later)

Now is time for the remaining preparations:
The green asparagus deseam (only the lower third peeling) and in approx. 5 cm large pieces cut.
Then the vegetable for the Risotto (carrot, tuber celery, allium seaweeds, Schalotten) and garlic finely cubes and the Gemüsebrühe boil up.

The true challenge with this court is to be gotten it last everything at the same time completely, since the Risotto requires constant attention. It is advisable however to begin nevertheless hereby since this needs the longest Kochzeit.

Butter into a pan or a flat pot (large surface) give and to it the vegetable glassily to vapors. Now rice briefly to it-give and along-roast. Then something Weißwein, which let Gemüsebrühe and the Safranfäden to it-give and in-cook when constant agitating, until no liquid is more present.
Afterwards Weißwein and Gemüsebrühe to it-give again and in-cook leave. This procedure repeat until the rice is bissfest refined. That takes approx. 20-25 minutes. Taste with salt and pepper.

At the same time now still two further pans in the eye must be kept.
The green asparagus becomes approx. 10-15 minutes in something olive oil hot angebraten (this can become calmly a little dark). With salt, pepper and little Muskatnuss pepper.
The giant shrimp tails become likewise with the entire Marinade from each side for approx. 3-5 minutes (depending upon size) hot angebraten. A superleckeres menu is gezaubert already.
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