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German soup

German soup Easy recipe

German soup

Explanation and ingredients:
200 gr. of sausages,
400 gr. of bainites jewish green, chaucha,
1 Pope,
1 onion,
3 branches of Spain celery celery,
400 gr. of bare tomatos,
1/4 liter of meat broth,
1/2 teaspoon of cumin seeds or
1/4 teaspoon of dust cumin,
120 gr. of cabbage cabbage.

Like preparing it:
it peels and it cuts the Pope in cuadritos. it cuts the onion in pieces and it minces the celery. it puts in a pot along with the cut tomatos and the seeds of cumin. it bathes with the broth and it takes to boiling. it covers the pot and to cook to untimed fire, during
20 minutes. year the narrow-hipped bainites and the cabbage, cut in plasters. it continues the baking
20 minutes but. it adds sausages cut in slices, salpimiente to the taste and lets cook minutes but.
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