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Frullato easy recipe

Frullato is a coctail to make for our friends

A combination of Italian words and frutto latte (milk), as I told my Italian friend.
Our friend, told us that frullato derives from the verb frullare, that cooking is "knocking" (components), or more simply passes the blender.
It may seem strange to mix fruit with milk, but the result is delightful.
We need:
1-2 nuts too I've tried with peach, banana, apple, pear, strawberries and some combinations.
A cup of coffee milk (if you want to be more thick or more dilute prosthafaireste milk)
To build:
Our peeling the fruit and cut into chunks.
Add fruit and milk in Multan and hit a two minutes until it becomes thick.
Pour into a glass with lots of ice and enjoy.
In the photo to see frullato peach.
Good luck!
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