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Fresh pasta of Carla recipe

Fresh pasta of Carla

200 gr. flower
2 eggs
1 ell. olive oil
2 ells. butter

Required material

* Required material: a kitchen machine, pastamachine, magnetron and magnetron foil.

construction manner

Mix the ingredients in the kitchen machine. If the paste if a ball will twist, then it has been well mixed. Minimum 1 hour lets the paste rest in the frigidaire before forming it with the pastamachine. Bring the water with salt and the olive oil to cook. The pasta 3 cooks minutes. The cooked pasta pours off. There mix butter doorheen and make then 1 bergje by person who you lay on a magnetron scale. Before you serve the pasta, even 1 minute covered on the highest score in the magnetron place. With a spoon the servings have been warmly laid this way fast and on the chalkboard.
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