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French food recipes

French food recipes found in this site are all authentic from the old good frence kitchen

france flag
Never the southern French cuisine was not as fashionable as it is today. The reason is that it combines individual tastes (such as bougiampesa) and healthy eating, restoring the dietary habits of French olive oil and relatively simple recipes. Fresh vegetables in the casserole, grilled fish, grilled flavored with a drop of oil, colorful salads, lamb chops with rosemary and many dishes with obvious Italian influence. In this webpage you will understand why the culinary imagination of southern France claims one of the first places in the kitchen of the Mediterranean countries and will learn to cook like cooking in the cities and villages of Provence and the border with Spain and Italy.
Beef with olives french recipe Beef with olives is one of the healtier way to cook the beef for tonigh
Broccoli au gratin easy recipe Broccoli au gratin cook it the easy way
Chicken a la Provencal Chicken a la Provencal easy recipe
Chocolate Mousse with Apples recipes Chocolate Mousse with Apples recipes for your desserts
Chocolate Parfait Chocolate Parfait
FILLET ALA CREME FILLET ALA CREME,with fresh cream and mushrooms.
Mayonnaise French Recipe  Mayonnaise is the sauce with a wide range of food accompanied
Mushroom omelette rolled to shrimps and asparaguses Mushroom omelette rolled to shrimps and asparaguses
New crop potatoes cooked in the hull New crop potatoes cooked in the hull easy french food recipes to enjoy
Snails fried spinach and coriander Snails fried spinach and coriander easy recipe
Soupe au Pistou recipe Soupe au Pistou is a french Cabbage soup with dry beans
Strawberry sorbet with basil Strawberry sorbet with basil is a perfect ice cream style for the kids and not only
Suzette Crepes easy recipe Suzette Crepes easy recipe is a fantastic dessert to finish your meal and leave a nice taste to your visitors
Trifle with strawberries and yoghurt meringue Trifle with strawberries and yoghurt meringue isa frence dessert that will make you happy to cook and eat
Trout with red caviar and cream Trout with red caviar and cream is a perfect recipe to cook
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