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Ekmek kateif easy recipe

Try this Ekmek kateif easy recipe

Materials for a medium Pyrex
500g pastry sheet
125 g melted vitam
1 carton whipped morfat
truffles or nuts for garnish
For the syrup
1 cup water, Nescafe
1 cup brown sugar Ness
A rind of 1 lemon
the cream
1 liter of fresh milk
1 glass of sugar
1 / 2 cup water fine meal
4 egg yolks
1 Corfu butter 125 gr.
4 vanilla
Let's make the we:
First of all we make the syrup, boil all ingredients together until the tie, about 8-10 minutes from time to boil and leave aside to cool.
The syrup must be cold when we take the pastry.
Hackle to good pastry and sprinkle with melted butter.
The Bake at 200 degrees until golden brown.
When browned on top, turning the upside to come bottom of pastry on top.
Bake again until golden brown.
Total cooking 20-30 minutes, depending always on the oven.
Once cooked, take off the stove and a fork, much as we can break the strings to make it more fluffy the pastry.
While it is hot pour in a ladle carefully with the syrup and leave to cool.
Starting to build the cream.
Place in a saucepan the sugar and milk (keep 2 tablespoons of milk to beat the yolks), at very low heat, stirring.
Then add the semolina and stir well.
Beat yolks with 2 tablespoons of the milk that we keep and add to skillet.
Finally, add the butter and vanilla and stir.
As the cream boils at a very low heat will take a long time to thicken, lower the heat the better, the cream does not want us then shuffling, shuffling wants more time begins to thicken, to prevent our stick.
When ready to pour cold pastry and put in refrigerator.
It is best to build through the night and put them in the fridge to allow the cream to rise well.
When ice cream is good, we hit the morfat until it becomes a fluffy whipped cream and spread over cream.
Replace the pan in the refrigerator for 1-2 hours.
Finally garnish with chocolate truffles in the grated nuts.
Bullion: grated nuts can be put in pastry and when the syrup before we take the cream for extra flavor.
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