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Eggs and cream

Homemade ice cream recipes

Let us analyze a little more but the "magic" ingredients that make homemade ice cream and let's focus specifically on the eggs.

The addition of eggs improves the texture of ice cream in ice cream and gives richer and more delicate flavor. Eggs also make it more resistant to ice melting and significantly enhance the capacity of mixing ice cream.

The quantity of eggs that can be used in a recipe ice cream vary.
Personally I use 2 to 4 eggs per liter of ice cream. Some use more eggs (I met a prescription needed 10 eggs 1 liter of ice cream!). Generally no need to overdo it with the eggs and there is a far healthier and raise your cholesterol!

Some prefer to use only the yolks and whites reject. Others use the whole egg. I've seen recipes that use only the egg whites! Personally I use the whole egg.

When the eggs are fresh, we can use the recipe without cream to heat / boil the cream mixture (consisting mainly of milk, cream and sugar).

That is, if the eggs are very fresh then we can strike with little sugar (using a mixer or whisk) until fluffy and then throw the mixture of ice cream directly (without boiling) into the bowl of eggs, stirring well. However it would be ice cream mixture is slightly heated (or lukewarm) - even if the eggs are fresh.

Otherwise (when the eggs are not totally fresh, or when we are not sure about this) should strike the eggs well with a little sugar, then pour the boiled milk-sugar mixture into the bowl with the eggs and then mix very well.

When you add the cream mixture into the bowl of eggs, mix very well in all cases (whether we boil the mixture or not).

If we decide to use only the egg yolks, no need to choloskame for whites :-)
We can strike a meringue and then use it in another recipe. The meringue can be refrigerated for a long time.

If you "smell" the egg is fresh (and thus the ice cream) you can try to put only aspadia. The whites are not so strong odor in the final result.

However the issue of the smell of eggs there is a solution: you can use what is so vanilla and eggs to use in ice cream recipe. For example, if you use the recipe 5 eggs (or egg yolks) and "recruit" vanilla 5 (the ice cream mixture to dissolve) derivative then the ice will not smell at all "avgoulila"!

Finally, noting that the use of eggs in ice cream is not "forced" or mandatory! That can make homemade ice cream without eggs. So, if you do not like eggs as you can simply not use them in ice cream!
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