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Easy vanilla ice cream recipe without ice cream maker

Vanilla Ice Cream is the most popular ice cream in the world.


Try this easy recipe for vanilla ice cream.The vanilla ice cream is probably the most classic and most common flavor of ice cream. And who does not like the classic vanilla ice cream? Or who has never tasted vanilla ice cream?
Below is another easy recipe for vanilla ice cream maker that does not need nor eggs! The ice produced is soft and tastes good.


Vanilla * 3
* 1 can of sweetened milk
* 1 folder GIOTIS garni (or other cream powder)
* 1 cup (about 220 ml) fresh milk (preferably not light)
* 1 sheet of gelatin
* 1 tablespoon cognac / brandy (optional)

How to prepare:
1) In a small bowl pour the glass of milk and gelatin.
2) Once the gelatin is dissolved, pour into the pan and the contents of the folder garni.
3) Beat with mixer on high speed for 6-7 minutes until the mixture is whipped.
4) Add the vanilla and brandy and beat for 1 minute.
5) Mix in the sweetened milk in bowl and beat with mixer for a few more minutes until the mixture is homogenized us.
6) Then pour the mixture into a metal bowl and place in freezer for at least 10 hours.


The amount of ice cream produced is about 1.5 liter. The milk is not good is light.
The gelatin is used in sheets, but if we can use and gelatin powder. In such a case, we can put in milk 1 teaspoon gelatin, but the milk should be warm to hot well to dissolve gelatin.
Instead Yiotis garni can use another cream powder (eg morfat) or herbal cream. I have made the whipped cream and mousse and came out just fine!
The ice that we are relatively soft and can be kept in the freezer for a long time and contains no eggs!
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