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Easy hollandaise sauce recipe

Easy hollandaise sauce,Hoguenots of the 16th century would be at the origin of hollandaise sauce.

Ingredients for:
Easy hollandaise sauce

- 3 egg yolks
- 150 grams of butter
- 1/2 lemon
- 1 pepper and salt pinch
Preparation for:
Easy hollandaise sauce

To carry out your hollandaise sauce:

1 Make heat with the bain-marie a small hollow dish with the 3 table salt, egg yolks, of pepper, 20 grams of butter and the juice of a lemon-yellow half.

2 vigorously Beat the ingredients until obtaining a thick cream.

3 Withdraw then the pan of fire and continue to assemble sauce with the butter remainder, by adding it per small pieces. Your hollandaise sauce is almost ready!

4 When the preparation starts to go up, make heat it with soft fire in order to obtain a tepid sauce.

Your hollandaise sauce is ready to accompany your dish.

Origin of Hollandaise sauce:
Hoguenots of the 16th century would be at the origin of hollandaise sauce. The historians would agree to say that the hollandaise sauce was originally called “Isigny Sauce”, according to the city Norman Isigny-on-Sea, very known for its production of butter.
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