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Dukkies wafer bread recipe

Dukkies wafer bread can be combined with chocolate or honey

Dukkie's wafer bread

-1 kgr good baker flower.
- salts small ladle.
-2 ladles crystal sugar.
-30 gr beer leaven
-350 cl full or half milk.
-3 beaten up eggs (blank +dooier)
- ondertas of coffee cup full butter or margarine.

You make a pot-hole of your flower scatter this in a neat plastic bowl, high the edges on (volcano therefore) and against the edge with a wooden spatula do, then it hides you salt with a randje subject to the dimple flower to preserve. Heat the milk and sugar with the hand on gas or elec fire to 40°, you knead in this the scrap beer leaven with the hand, but easily to feel… you pour this fluid in the dimple and twist with the hand in dimple (carefully edge does not salt to take along) eggs and weerom to twist, afterwards butter or margarine to knead and to unscrew, now has to you a brij, lettuce everything and beginning stir and kneads to you a homogeneous pasta has that releases of the partitions of your bowl. Lasts 5 minuutjes. You have now a ball paste

Now the pasta lets rise at a warm place with a towel concerning the bowl, you will see yourself when he satisfies, then herkneed you once again during 4-5 minus the pasta. Leg now it bread to rise (with towel) on its baking sheet or form, must weerom omhoog .....

Do not heat your furnace to 220.C, no longer less, and barge during 30 minutes. Respects closely the quantities, time and temperature. Take terstond your bread from the furnace and leg it at sweat on small planks or such.

Warning. Bring NEVER leaven in direct contact with salt. (failure)
Your baking sheets, bowl etc.… can NEVER plants be made, only dry neat.
For this barge manner your baking sheets do not grease, differently and burned the floor of bread sticks.

Smattering sees Chinese, recipe, that you the habit you several breads for goose will make a week, this bread has little charge of mould and remains very nice.

I do not count the time of to rise but knead and bake but demands 45 minutes

I means also still that this has been replaced also same for ordinary blank bread, but then milk by water (smattering more) and no eggs.

Smaller quantity of these paste and rolled out can serve also as a wafer for a nice pizza
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