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Diet Mitchell or Diet Montigniac

Diet Mitchel or well known as Diet Montigniac

Diet Mitchell or otherwise diet Montignac, is a weight loss diet which was particularly popular in Europe during the 1990s. According to Mitchell diet to lose weight no matter how you eat, but what carbohydrates you consume. Separates So carbohydrates into 'good' and 'bad', according to their glycemic index, suggesting lean steak, red wine, vegetables, dark chocolate and prohibiting pasta, white bread, sugar, husked rice, processed foods and products white flour.

More specifically, according to Mitchell diet, food is divided into four categories: "good" carbohydrates, lipids - including fat and meat, lipid-carbohydrate - including nuts and organic meats, and, finally, fiber - including whole grains and vegetables.

Carbohydrates with high glycemic index are considered Restricted / "bad" and recommended not eaten in combination with lipid Combining value-added because it helps to store fat in the body.
Rules of the diet Mitchell
Consumption may be only "good" carbohydrates (low glycemic index). Sugar, refined grains, potatoes and glucose should be avoided.
May not combine fat and carbohydrates in a meal. If fat consumed in a meal must spend four hours before being eaten carbohydrates and three hours for the round.
You may only minimal alcohol consumption (one small bottle of wine or beer).
Between meals should be consumed plenty of water.
We consumed many fiber.
Allowed only minimal amounts of caffeine.
It should be eaten three meals a day. Not allowed snacks between meals and eating late at night.
May not be combined with eating fruits (except strawberries and blackberries). The fruit can be eaten separately, between meals.
It should be consumed only sanitation fats and oil used for cooking.
The diet should be combined with exercise.

Principles of diet Mitchell
The basic principle of diet Mitchell is developing two eating plans. The first is weight loss and the second focuses on weight maintenance. During the first phase of the pancreas detoxifies while entharynnetai the glucose tolerance while avoiding the creation of excessive amounts of insulin. This phase lasts for at least two months. The second phase of training and helps maintain weight after his loss in the first phase.
This diet recommends eating foods low glycemic index.
Not a low calorie diet.
It recommends avoiding bad eating habits that cause metabolic imbalance.
Does the consumption of good fats and fiber.
The diet is inspired by French cuisine and allows the consumption of chocolate, cheese, etc. on a limited quantity of food which are banned in other diets.
Advantages of the diet Mitchell
It is easy to meet, and does not require much time for preparing meals.
It requires calculating calories.
It includes difficult to obtain food.
It gives energy immediately, since it is based on the consumption of carbohydrates.

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