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Dark bread recipe

Dark bread

Dark bread
15 g fresh leaven
1 neon light honey
150 g ordinary wheat flour 50 g flower for the work area
250 g rye flour
120 g chopped rampart notes
70 g currants
70 g raisins
1 neon light salts
25 cl + 3 ells lukewarm water

3 in kommetje ells lukewarm water smoothen papje of the leaven, honey and. the two types mix flour, 100 g notes, 50 g currants, 50 g raisins and it salt in a bowl. joint the leaven honingpapje and pour 25 cl lukewarm water. knead this to a smooth paste. cover it with a dishcloth and late 3 hours rise on room temperature. the paste kneads still 2 up to 3 time to work the large bubble Len. form around bread that you on with flower pollinated baking sheet lays. cover to the paste with the dishcloth and lets hour still 1 rise.

the furnace for on 200 C. heats aspergillum it bread in with lukewarm water, scatters the rest of the notes, currants and raisins. 50 minus lets bake. cease to cool on a grating.
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