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Crispy fish fillet with paprika recipe

Crispy fish fillet with paprika

Crispy fish fillet with paprika
For 4 persons:

600 gr fish fillet to taste
2 root
2 onions
2 blanched celery stems
1 bucket baby corn
1 green paprika
oil to bake
1 theel.versgeraspte ginger
2 eetl.tomatenpuree
2 eetl.sojasaus and 6 eetl.bouillon
2 eetl.rijstewijn
1 knoflookteentje
1 pinch Chile powder
versgemalen black pepper

Cut the fish in equal shreds. The vegetable and snij she was in bits.
Hot the oil in a wok, does the stoned pepertje, ginger, tomato purée and the pressed garlic, transvases with soya ows, soup and, bring minus rijstewijn and rudder barge 2 on taste with pepper, and Chile powder salts.

Joint the vegetable and rudder barge 4--5 minus already stirring nicely crispy.

Joint to the shreds to fish and lets stir under constant still 2--3 minus rudder barges to them done is.
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