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Cottage Cheese

Cottage cheese is a cheese curd product with a mild flavor.


Cottage cheese should be part of your weight loss diet

Cottage cheese is drained but not pressed so some whey remains and the person is still loose curds. The curd is usually washed to remove acidity giving sweet curd cheese. There are aged or colored. styles of cottage cheese is made from different milks with different levels of fat and curd in small or large curd preparations. Cottage cheese is pressed ring cheese, farmer cheese, pot cheese or blanco Queso.
Cottage cheese can be eaten alone, with fruit, puree, on toast, in green salads or used as an ingredient in recipes like lasagna, jello salad and various desserts.
The term "cheese" is believed to have originated because the simple cheese was usually made at home from milk left over after making butter. The term was first used in 1848. The whey, whey from children's songs reputation is another dish made from curds with whey, but it is uncertain what consequences were, they were drained at all or how it was curdled (which affects the taste). Some authors claim to have equivalent or similar.
The curd size is the size of the "pieces" cheese cottage. The two main types of cottage cheese are small curd, high-acid cheese without rennet, and large curd, low-acid cheese made with rennet. Rennet is an enzyme that accelerates clotting and keeps the curd that forms from dissolution; Adding that shortens the process of making cheese, resulting in lower acid and larger curd, and reduces the amount of curd poured off with leftover liquid (the whey). Sometimes large curd cottage called "style piece."


Type: soft
Color: White
Taste: sour
Use: salads, snacks, light meal
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