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Cocido Madrileno recipe

Cocido Madrileno recipe

Cocido Madrileno recipe

1 ear pig 500gramm (orecha)
1 piece 50 grams Ramon (curado, Proschiuto)
1 pig tail 100gramm
1 piece beef 100 grams (morthigio)
1 pc pork ribs 50gramm.
1 chicken fillet with skin 150 g
1 blood sausage (Morthigia) Morcilla 100 gr
1 Chorizo tsoritho 50 lines
1 piece 50 grams fat Tothino Tocino
1 steak pickled espinado 80gram
1 Carot purified
1 peeled potato
1/2 onion, peeled
2 cabbage leaves
1 bowl of chick peas, soaked 1 night and cooked with some onion and meat juices.
1 bowl of vermicelli

In a large saucepan put water and pour into the first ear of pork and other meat (tail, chicken, sausage, bacon, smoked and salted meat (Sausages with blood placed at the end)

Allow to boil and skimming. Add the potato, carrot, onion, cabbage leaves and chickpeas. Salt lightly and let it boil.

Meanwhile in a saucepan to a nearby eye put a little of the broth. Bring to a boil and add the vermicelli.

In a large saucepan of boiling drop next and last material is blood sausage. When the ingredients well cooked remove the pot from the heat.

To serve. You bowl put all the pieces of meats that you've cut into bites You serve another dish vegetables. Above the chick and the end bit raw oil. Served with vermicelli.
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