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Celebrity Italian Recipes

Authentic Italian Recipes intended for those who want taste and imagination in their dishes

Italian food completely new recipes or variations on already known, always with the advice of the dietician.
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Reading and cooking these recipes will definitely feel your own. perfumes and flavors of Italian cuisine based on common tastes and common ingredients of the Mediterranean. The Italians love pasta, and the kitchen includes a huge variety of recipes with pasta as a main ingredient of any kind. In this The book presents a small pasta in various shapes: pens, fousili, snails, screws, shells, tortilioni, fiogkakia, rigatoni, etc.
Lasagna baked with tomato sauce recipe A very easy and delicious recipe for when we have time and want to impress our friends
Beursje of Italian ham with tomatendressing recipe Beursje of Italian ham with tomatendressing
Black olives with orange and lemon recipe Black olives with orange and lemon is an Italian taste proposal that will impress you
Cheese Calzone pizza Cheese Calzone is the best pizza style to make and enjoy with your friends
Colorful Risotto easy recipe Colorful Risotto is for lovers of rice and not only
Garlic Rolls and Knots recipe Garlic Rolls and Knots easy recipe
Italian rice ala Milanese easy recipe Italian rice ala Milanese is an italian food
Italian Salad recipe Italian Salad this is a green salad for vegetarians
Italian soulfi Italian soulfi is a tasty plate to eat with your friends very light, very easy to cook
Italian wild rabbit recipe Italian wild rabbit recipe
Lasagna with meat sauce, prosciutto and goat cheese Lasagna with meat sauce, prosciutto and goat cheese
Lasagne in oven recipe Lasagne in oven recipe
Margherita Pizza recipe The most popular, simple and easy pizza to make and enjoy
Original Italian Carbonara Original Italian Carbonara easy recipe
Panini recipe Panini recipe is simple and easy to be cooked; ready in a few minutes
Paninis sticks easy and fast food Paninis sticks is an italian easy cooked food to enjoy with your friends
Panna cotta easy Italian recipe Panna cotta is an easy Italian dessert recipe to close your meal course; Almost all like this dessert
Philly Cheesesteak Pizza recipe Philly Cheesesteak Pizza is of the best pizza in the world
Pizza Calzone is the best pizza ever Pizza Calzone is a fantastic meal to eat. I try this in italy and since then i am the biggest fun of Pizza Calzone
Pizza covered with pastry Pizza covered with pastry is my best pizza recipe; you may add garlic if you like and thats it!
Pizza with four cheese recipe Pizza with four cheese recipe easy recipe
Pizza with Onions  Pizza with Onions is a vegetarian pizza for all
Pizza-nini is a small pizza Pizza-nini is a small version of italian pizza
Risotto a la Milanese recipe Risotto a la Milanese
Spaghetti al pesto Spaghetti al pesto
Spaghetti al pesto Genovese recipe Spaghetti al pesto Genovese recipe is a quick, alternative, classic Italian recipe to impress in a short time
Spaghetti puttanesca Spaghetti puttanesca is not just a pasta plate to eat but is more an art to admire
Thai Pizza recipe Thai Pizza is a modercombination of east nd west
Tortellini with sausage Italian Tortellini with sausage recipe as the authentic one
Tortellini with vegetables and quince Tortellini with vegetables and quince is a nice italian meal to enjoy all monrths of a year
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