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Catalan sausage with cabbage recipe

Catalan sausage with cabbage recipe

Catalan sausage with cabbage recipe

2 roughly chopped potatoes
5.6 cabbage leaves
Olive oil
2 onions, chopped
A little finely chopped garlic
1 coffee cup chopped parsley
Salt and pepper
2 k.s.freskia chopped pancetta
Sausage boutyfara
1 whole piece of pancetta
chopped chives

In boiling water, add the potatoes to cook with the cabbage leaves and cook for 20 minutes until the cabbage to become tender. Remove them from the pan and place in two different bowls.

In a deep pan pour oil and add the chopped onion sotaristei well. Once sotaristei, add garlic, parsley, salt, pepper and chopped pancetta.

Then add the boutyfara. Leave for a bit and lower heat to 1.

Chop the cooked cabbage, add to pan with remaining ingredients, add the cooked potatoes with 2 forks and press materials in the pan to be mashed.

In the middle of a large plate, place a hoop and fill with puree. Remove the hoop.

In a clean pan, add olive oil and add the pancetta to the whole fried on both sides.

Serve over mashed potatoes, is adorned with the chives, paprika and fresh olive oil.

Boutyfara is kind of sausage made with pork blood.
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