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Carpaccio of pineapple and mango

Carpaccio of pineapple and mango

Carpaccio of pineapple and mango
for 2 persons

1 small fresh pineapple (cleaned)
1 ripe mango (peeled)
1/2 (small) coconut notes

20 cl source water
80 g fine crystal sugar
1 hand-full fresh sheets
lemon melissa
Bring the water with the sugar to cook, lets during 2 minus reduce. Joint the lemon melissa and lets withdraw 15 minus. Filter and pushes good. Cut pineapple and mango flesh with a sharp knife in fine plakken. Arrange them nicely on cooled chalkboards. Transvases with the syrup and cover with plastic foil. Keep 1 u. in the frigidaire. Peel the piece coconut note and plane with dunschiller 50 fine curls g. Garnish the carpaccio and serve ice-cold.

wine tip:
Trapiche 2005, grape race torront├ęs, white wine from Argentina
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