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Caribbean Christmas cake with rum recipe

Caribbean Christmas cake with rum is a new idea for this christmas

Caribbean Christmas cake with rum
500 gr currants
500 gr raisins
250 gr prunes
100 gr mixed sukade
400 gr dark brown sugar
1 tea spoon seasons speculaas
1 dl rum (or more)
3 dl sherry (or more)
500 gr gentle butter
10 eggs, beaten
500 gr self-rising flower
1 tea spoon vanilla essence
The dried fruit were and crush them in a kitchen machine. Scoop the mixture in a clean bowl and joint 100 grammes bruine sugar. Joint rum, sherry and speculaaskruiden. Everything well by it mixes each other, dek finished and does it in the frigidaire. This mixture must continue stand as long as possible for Christmas, and are turned from time to time. Adds rum if necessary more/sherry. If you do not have enough time this way long in avance this to do you can next doing: Leave the fruit very or cut them in 2 pieces. Joint sugar, spices, rum and sherry and do everything in a pan on fire. Half uurtje let it simmer, and let this mixture nachtje stand. It is now ready for use.

Heat the furnace for on 160 degrees celcius. The cakevorm and held the floor with double a low waxed paper. Screen the flower in a deep bowl and puts aside this just as. Klop the butter with the remainder of sugar and joint the eggs until there gladde mass arise. Scoop the marinated fruit by the eggs and joint vanilla essence. Joint now bit by bit flower. If heal the mass is, what adds rum or sherry. Take off the seizure in the bakvorm and dek this with aluminium foil. The cake in the furnace and barge this in approximately 2 and a half hour puts done. The cake lets cool down nachtje. Sprinkle the cake with what rum keeps it, and in aluminium foil if you do not want serve him immediately.
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