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Beer Bread recipe

Beer Bread recipe

beer bread.

* 450 grammes fine people ear flour between mill at narrow times -
* 1 eetlepel of baking powder -
* 1/2 tea spoons salts -
* 1 tea spoon liquid honey -
* 340 ml old-fashioned gebrouwen beer -
* vegetable oil for to grease broodvorm.
* Broodvorm for bread of 450 grammes.

The furnace to preheat on 180 C. mixes dry the ingredients in a large bowl, rudder by it then honey and the beer. Scoop the mixture in the broodvorm and smooths the upper part. Barge it bread 40-50 minutes to goudbruin is and a flesh pen, which is put in the middle, there clean ends up. Obtain it bread from the form and lets on a grating cool down.
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