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Baumkuchen is an upright layered cake, with apricot coulis creates a fresh image


An upright layered cake, with apricot coulis creates a fresh image.

500 gr. butter, softened
1 kg. flower
2 eggs
35 egg yolks
150 gr. almond paste
850 gr. sugar
Lemon zest
10 gr. cardamom seeds, ground
14 proteins
50 gr. fondant
150 gr. apricot coulis
25 gr. powdered sugar
2.5 dl. whipped cream, sweetened

In a bowl or dish and stir the butter smooth mix with the eggs (including their egg yolks but not with the egg yolks also listed in the ingredients list). Then add three fifths of the flour and stir it slowly so that no lumps are left in.

Then mix in a separate bowl the egg yolks slowly through the almond paste, so that no lumps occur. Add the quarter of the sugar, lemon zest and cardamom. Let it slowly pay.

In a separate bowl, whisk the egg white with five eighths of the sugar. Scoop it at first then get through it. Finally fold in the remaining flour and cardamom to taste through.

Than a spit from the grill a piece of string running in a spiral. Grill to highest setting. The mixture gently pour the rotating spit. Strike and then brown. Repeat this until a fried roll of 15 centimeters in diameter was created. It may also be provided after each layer of a kammotief. After the roll of 15 centimeters in diameter was created, it abrikoteren with a mixture of apricot pulp and remaining sugar. Boil this mixture and then strain the grease.

Then the role of transparent glazing. You can do with fondant and icing. Place the fondant at 37 degrees Celsius, then put the icing there and maybe some warm water to dilute.

The tribe is now again in the oven and then the party started. Baumkuchen Serve sliced.

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