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Baklawa recipe


*1 kilogramme booklet of the paste
*1 kilogramme almonds bake these ontveld in oil and crush not too
*500 g powder sugar
*100 g melted butter
*kaneel to taste
*200 g ontvelde almonds for the decoration
you can use also ordinary ontvelde almonds these times just like for I have and with ordinary sugar (no powder sugar in these case) these mix and further work just like here downstairs

or if you almonds find duration pindas use
*de pindas in the furnace roast to as these bruin are just on them burn rapidly
*dan peels and crush not with 250 g powder sugar/kaneel/100 g boter/en too and these melted a couple drops almond aroma (just on that you do not too much differently become very of taste)
*alles mix further with the recipe work

* all this mixes then half therefore 500 g of the booklet of the paste the floor of a baking tin holds
*dan divide the vulling well divide
*dan with the rest cover paste (therefore 500 g) the edges well close and the rest cuts there tidy eraf
*dan in cubes cut but in baking tin lets the knife each time clean with servetje of paper because differently the vulling will stick
*in each cube puts a complete almond
*deze in the preheated furnace on 180 degrees done gaarbruin bake if you see that it becomes brown of above and of below still raw is then these with student paper to cover and further done barges
*een time done with the warm honig really water these must everything cover
1 cm high of the can
*en to these let rest not to touch more to if it all have drunk those honig
*dan just further cut and from the can carefully to obtain and in the wrappers can lay also without but it looks better in the wrappers
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