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Bacon and potatoes recipe

Bacon and potatoes

Bacon and potatoes
2 onions
3 ells olive oil
some sheets basil
salt and pepper
2 teentjes garlic
12 cocktail party puncture cherry
12 rasher (thinly cut)
2 large mooring rope tomatoes
4 large French fries potatoes

Snij the potatoes in thick French fries. Turn each time one plak bacon around three or celebrates French fries and puncture there cocktailprikker doorheen, so that bacon is stuck well. Snij the tomatoes in pieces and split up the onions and garlic. Leg whole on aluminium foil and joint the tomatoes, the onions, the olive oil and the garlic. Fold whole carefully dense and barge it in a furnace (180° C) or on a gentle spit-roaster, during 30 minutes. The Court with a smattering serves basil.

Also easily to prepare on a barbecue or campfire.
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