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Apple spice cake

Apple spice cake will give a fantastic taste on your plate with a perfect way

apple spice cake
1 1/3 heads vegetable oil
3 head flower, wheat or self-rising does not determine
1 eetlepel of ground cinnamon
1 teelepel baking powder
1 teelepel salts
2 head sugar
3 large eggs
3 or 4 ongeschilde grany smith apples in cubes of approximately 1 cm (3koppen)
1 head break rampart notes or pecanoten (optionally)
1 teelepel vanilla extract
1 cakevorm turban of 24 cm, well greases diameter
furnace preheats 170° warm air, ordinary furnace 180°

On a large booklet, flower seven and thereby cinnamon, baking powder and salts, everything well mix, aside put

A firm kitchen robot is advise because the paste becomes firstly rather dry and firm;
In the apparatus oil, sugar and eggs on high speed are correct to the mixture citrine are.

Then further on average speed dry the mixture of flower softly add, continue be correct to everything is well mixed.

You work best with an open kitchen robot, genre Kenwood, because now the apples and possibly the notes must be correct at the paste and dek the apparatus then finished with a kitchen towel against flying away the bits and eventjes rather high speed.
The apples give now what fought finished and the paste becomes tenderer.
If you this must do last is manually that a serious job.

Joint as last the vanilla extract.

The turban and during 75 , greased in, 90 minutes barges, until you put in a punch there there that neatly end up.

Firstly lichtjes let cool down, the cake has higher risen than the form, which surplus cuts right.
After approximately 30 minus the form turn, cake from the form pockets leave and entirely let cool down

caramel sauce

White cristalsuiker give a current sauce,

Tiense Cassonade Graeffe (chin ruining sugar) give a type icing whom you can spread out concerning the edge of the turban (the cake of course)

3/4 heads ebullient water
1 head sugar
1 teelepel vanilla extract
1 teelepel cognac or something more

1/4 head ebullient water and sugar in stewpan, on high score lets cook through to it to caramel becomes, approximately 10 minutes
of fire take and the remaining 1/2 heads add ebullient water carefully
then vanilla and the cognac.
To serve: small slice cake, globule ice, transvased sauce with the caramel.
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