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American hamburger recipe

This is an easy American hamburger recipe that will take some time to be cooked

What you need for this American hamburger recipe:
American hamburger recipe

100g. minced beef
100g. minced pork
1 corner white bread
1 clove garlic
2 slices tomato (mature)
1 pepper (horn)
2 slices processed cheese
1 leaf lettuce
Salt, pipperi (black)
Ketchup, mayonnaise, mustard

How we do American hamburger recipe:

Peel the garlic and melt. Cut two slices from the center of an onion and cut into small pieces. Knead the two parts together with the minced garlic and onion and add salt and pepper to taste us. If we have to get paralipoume garlic, but lose the taste. Lights the coals (if lazy put a toaster or a frying pan ladomeno little but it is preferable to cooking on the grill and grilling is best) and cook the pepper and the burger. Just finished a little bit and cook onion. Cut bread in half (horizontally) and put the cut side down and bake minimum, equal to suck the liquid and heat up.
Peel the peppers and cut. Place the meatballs, tomatoes, pepper, a lettuce leaf and onion between the rolls (like sandwiches), and if we want, and put 2 slices of processed cheese yellow one above and one below.
Light finish roasting the "sandwich" in the toaster.

Note the difference from the original American recipe: half is minced pork, minced meat and onion in a garlic, white bread is a classic and then bake in the toaster.
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