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Dirty Cloths remove tricks

How to remove Dirty Cloths problems easy and fast

Dirty Cloths remove gum
Put the garment in the freezer to tighten the gum and peel off the pieces, which
will break like glass.

• Dirty Cloths remove urinary
Rinse thoroughly with cold water immediately and wash normally. If the stain has already
dry, soak the garment in cold water with liquid detergent and then wash normally.
For stubborn stains, soak it for a little peroxide.

Dirty Cloths remove lipstic
Rub the stain with white spirit and dampen it with liquid detergent. Wash
garment normally, adding, if necessary, a few drops of ammonia in water.
Rinse well.

Dirty Cloths remove FROM BLOOD
If the fabric is white, dip it in cold water and rub the stain with diluted (in
water) peroxide. Allow the cloth to soak for some hours in water with bleach and then
wash normally. If the fabric is colored or sensitive, cover the stain with a
mixture to make flour and water (in texture paste, like toothpaste).
Allow the paste to dry brush and wash the item normally the fabric. For
the wool, rub the stain with aspirin dissolved in a little water and then wash according to
the instructions on the label of the garment.

Dirty Cloths remove OF COFFEE
Do not let it dry. Wash immediately with the warm water and bleach
detergent. If the fabric is white, you will be wetting the stain with peroxide and then
to rinse very well. If the fabric is colored, let it soak in
cold water with some ammonia. In wool, rub the stain with egg yolk diluted in water
and wash with a special detergent for wool.

Dirty Cloths remove ink
If the ink came from a ballpoint pen and the stained fabric is cotton,
Put a piece of cotton on the reverse side of the stain and rub it with another
piece of cotton soaked in milk. If we talk about ink pen and white cloth,
Soak the garment for a while in warm water with bleach and then rinse well. If the
is colored cloth, soak it for several hours in lukewarm milk and rinse it with
water and lemon. If the fabric is synthetic, rub the stain with half lemonokoupa.

Dirty Cloths remove chocolate

Remove the more chocolate you and then rub the stain with liquid
detergent. Rinse with cold water and wash the clothes properly.

Depending on its composition. If you are open, rub the stain with a little nail polish remover or special
solvent for synthetic paints. If it is white and thick, wash the fabric
cold water and rub the stain with a mixture of water and ammonia. Rinse well. If
is based on the vinyl, rub the stain with a little vinegar diluted in water.

If the stain is large, gently rub the white alcohol, rinse thoroughly with cold
water and wash normally. If not ... obey, or if the fabric is delicate,
soak it in cold and then rinse it with warm water and liquid detergent.
Rinse with cold water, which will add a little peroxide. Rinse again with cold
water and a little vinegar.

If you do not act quickly, it will be very difficult for the disappearances. So Rub
the stain immediately with plenty of liquid detergent and let him for a while. Then wash
normally the garment.

The ideal is to use solvent similar to that used in the composition
of paint (after the first try at a dark little corner of the cloth to see
if you stand). If the stain was made of acrylic paint, cover it immediately with a blotting paper,
which will rain with plenty of washer fluid. Leave for a while and then wash normally. A
talking about oil paint, rub the spot with a little turpentine, soak the cloth in water with
liquid detergent and then wash it normally.

Cover the stain with talcum powder, leave 3 minutes and brush too hard. Wash clothes
the strongest allowable temperature. If the fabric is white cotton, rub
the stain with gasoline for lighters and wash with hot water and detergent. For
wool, rub the stain with a cloth soaked in turpentine and wash with liquid detergent.

Treat the stain as quickly as you can, however, do not use hot water

Which will make indelible! The best way is to to cover it with salt (which will
suck the liquid) and then, after removing it with a damp cloth, let the fabric
to soak for half an hour in cold water. Then wash it with conventional means.

Wash the stain with cold water and then wash with detergent. If the stain was
a white cloth, let it soak in water with some ammonia, rinse it well
well just put it again to soak in water with bleach. If the fabric is colored,
rub the stain with a peroxide, which will add a few drops of ammonia.

• Dirty Cloths remove mud
The mud is one of the few stains that need to wait to dry.
That's because the brushing easier to peel off most of the molecules.
So brush the stain well and wash the garment in the highest allowable
temperature indicated on the label.

• liquid soap
How would you like to use your liquid soap manufacturing by adopting
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