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12 hours cheesecakejes recipe

12 hours cheesecakejes

12 hours cheesecakejes
100 g butter
250 g bastognekoeken
300 g cream cheese naturel (MonChou)
1 eetlepel of cornstarch
250 ml full yoghourt
4 eggs (m)
150 g sugar
2 eetlepels of lemon juice
brushwood coins
Butter melts.
Time the bastognekoeken in a kitchen machine fine.
Mix them with butter.
8 vormpjes (10 cm) and divides the wafer paste concerning the floor.
The paste to metd e convex side of a spoon presses.
Put vormpjes to use in the frigidaire.
Heat the furnace for on 200 C.
Mix the cream cheese with the cornstarch and rudder the yoghourt by it.
Mix the eggs with sugar and lemon juice light.
Mix the eimengsel by the cream cheese mixture to an even mixture and divide this concerning vormpjes.
Barge the cakejes in the middle of in the furnace in approx. 35 minutes done.
Dek the cakejes after approx. 15 minutes barge time finished with aluminium foil so that the upper parts yolk remain.
Make on the cooled down cakejes with bilberries a bell (1 bilberry on 3,6,9 and 12 hours).
Make of brushwood coins indicators and puts them on five for 12.
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